Threat Assessment

Attack Simulation And Phishing Awareness Training

While phishing awareness training is common, many businesses are not investing in advanced phishing protection education that can empower employees to identify and mitigate socially engineered attacks, such as business email compromise.

  • Reduce phishing click rates through continuous assessment and training.

  • Leverage human awareness to report suspicious emails missed by technical controls such as Secure Email Gateways (SEG).

  • Increase detection rates and reduce detection times.

Unlike the traditional one size fits all approach to security awareness training, IronSchool starts with an initial employee assessment to benchmark individual users phishing recognition skills. Each user is then automatically graded, and based on performance levels, a training campaign comprised of short, staged, real-world phishing attacks is tailored to help improve the employees’ awareness of malicious email messages.

Multi-Level, Gamified, Interactive Micro-Learning

Simulating mock phishing attacks increase phishing awareness training and responsiveness to current and trending techniques. To aid in phishing protection, our gamified, interactive micro-learning method trains each employee individually to think and act as a security team member, becoming proactive against a multitude of attack types. All trainings are personalized and gamified to make learning about phishing quick, easy to remember and fun.


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