Tactile Protect

Tactile Protect w/ Rubrik

What Is Tactile Protect?

Tactile Protect is our Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) solution that’s powered by the Rubrik technology. Tactile Protect eliminates the complexity of legacy solutions whilst saving you time because you only need to manage simple backup and replication policies compared to creating individual backup schedules with legacy architecture/technology. 

Tactile Protect UI

Quickly recover your applications and access your files by searching a global index that catalogs all data, no matter where it’s stored. Tactile Protect provides the ability to protect a single system or all your applications and servers on a pay monthly OPEX model.

Tactile Protect Quick Deploy

Fast To Deploy

You can install Tactile Protect as a software appliance on both virtualised and physical servers.

Tactile Protect Easy to manage

Simple To Manage

You gain operational agility through a simple management interface.

Tactile Protect fast recovery

Quick Recovery

You can quickly recover your failed applications/lost files with a predictive search function.

Tactile Protect Security Compliance

Secure & Compliant

Ensure that your data is fully secure and compliant throughout its lifecycle.

Tactile Protect Quick Access

Access Quickly

Start providing fast, granular recoveries with predictive, global search.

Tactile Protect Pay as you go

Pay as You Grow

Grow your profitability by aligning costs to consumption.

Tactile Protect Easy to Setup

Simple To Setup

Simply rack/download and go. Get Tactile Protect up and running in just minutes.

Tactile Protect Simple to Scale

Easy To Scale

Start as small as a single VM. Grow as you go in numbers of VMs or 2U increments.

Tactile Protect Lower TCO

Reduce Your TCO

Unlock the low-cost private or public cloud resources that are out there.

Legacy Architecture vs Tactile Protect

How Tactile Protect is Deployed

Public Cloud

Tactile Protect Public Cloud

The primary site being your own and the secondary DR site is provided by Tactile Technology using our Virtual Private Cloud environments.


Tactile Protect On-Premise

Both the primary and the secondary site being your own and the solution delivered to protect the primary site via the secondary using Tactile Protect as a service.

Private Cloud

Tactile Protect Private Cloud

The primary site is your own and the secondary DR site is provided and hosted on dedicated private cloud infrastructure by Tactile Technology.

Why Did We Create Tactile Protect?

In today’s world, protecting your organisation from an IT disaster can be a time consuming, costly and difficult task. There are a variety of ways to do it from using equipment delivered after the disaster that needs to be rebuilt with the latest tape backups, to a fully duplicated solution with automated fail over and fail back capabilities.

Many organisations have solutions at either end of this spectrum and have costs and resource requirements to match. Most organisations see the need for the protection, but in many cases, struggle to deliver it effectively and within the cost constraints of their organisation.

What Do Rubrik Say?

“Tactile Protect can scale from one virtual machine to thousands, with the protection, testing, invocation and it has automated roll back capabilities resulting in little or no resources to process the state changes”.

“Tactile Protect works with VMware or Hyper-V environments and it’s storage agnostic; providing an RPO (Restore Point Objective) of 60 seconds and a realistic RTO (Restore Time Objective) of a few minutes”.

Tactile Protect w/ Rubrik

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