Why do Juniper Networks use Platform9?

Day-2 operations
“To get our products to market quickly, the last thing we needed to worry about was running Kubernetes 24x7, managed, maintained, and upgraded. Platform9 solved that problem for us with their SLA-backed managed service” 

Time to Value
“If we tried to implement Kubernetes ourselves, it would have taken us 6 to 12 months to reach our current production stage with global deployments around the world. With Platform9’s expertise and managed services, we were up and running in a few weeks”

Lack of Expertise
“We needed to hire 18 people Kubernetes experts and site reliability engineers in order to implement and operate our Kubernetes deployments worldwide 24x7. This expertise is hard to come by in Silicon Valley, and it’s worse outside. With Platform9’s managed service, we saved on this OpEx and at the same rolled out our production environment in a few weeks" 

“Taking a maintenance window on our nonstop Kubernetes SaaS offering is a nightmare. Nobody likes maintenance windows.  With Platform9’s Kubernetes "rolling upgrades”, there is no disruption, no down-time, no maintenance windows anymore” 

Ravi Ramachanran, VP Cloud platform engineering,

Cloud Operations & Devops at Juniper Networks

Lee Cassidy