Zadara Storage Week


An End to the ‘CAPEX Storage Cycle’


Today, there are hundreds of ways to store and ‘best utilise’ your data. However, there comes a time every three to five years where these enterprise storage appliances need to be re-evaluated
and a decision about storage made. Most organisations are looking at a six figure bill (£xxx,xxx) for something that at the time may be ‘the best option’, but in 6-12 months nothing more than a thing of the past…

Here is where Zadara Storage comes in, they’ve managed to break that cycle by offering the following:

. ‘PAYG Storage’ on a fully OPEX model where you only pay for whats turned on and being used.

.  Fully agnostic storage that supports all Data types, protocols and locations (iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, Block (SAN), File (NAS), Object, Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid Cloud)

.  Elastic storage that lets you scale both up and down to suit your needs.

Good news! You’re invited to attend a 30 minute Webinar for the Zadara Storage solution presented by Steve Costigan and Kerry Telling of Zadara Storage alongside Michael Sullivan of Tactile Technology.

Should you wish to learn more about Zadara Storage you can do so here.

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