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Any Data Type, Any Protocol, 
and Any Location

Zadara Storage is more than just a Service

Zadara Storage as-a-Service frees your IT team of ongoing maintenance by delivering 24/7 proactive support, ongoing system monitoring, and seamless upgrades supported by a 100% uptime SLA.

Fully Agile, Flexible, and Evergreen

With software-defined-storage, you can make changes to your storage environment in minutes. Scale up or down, seamlessly replicate from a data center to the cloud, and eliminate painful migrations.

Enterprise-grade Performance and Security

Zadara Storage provides the enterprise-grade features you have come to expect from traditional CapEx storage, delivered uniquely in a pay-as-you-go OpEx model.

“Zadara Storage is more than a service — it’s a comprehensive, elastic enterprise storage-as-a-service solution that evolves with your business. The Zadara Storage Experience provides your storage when and where you need it with the ability to change your requirements on the fly”.

“Explore the agility and flexibility of the Zadara Experience with a full-featured free trial. Access the capabilities of Zadara Storage at no commitment and see how your workloads benefit from agile storage, anywhere”.

“You’ll be ready in minutes”.

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The On-Premises Experience

Zadara Storage on premises Tactile

– Unified SAN, NAS and Object storage with SSD caching and online tiering

– Pay-as-you-go pricing

– Built to scale in any direction

– 100% SLA with proactive support and upgrades

– Seamless portability to the cloud (for DR and backup)

– End disruptive refresh cycles

The Hybrid Experience

Zadara Storage Hybrid Cloud Tactile

 – A single solution, anywhere

– Leverage an ecosystem of Cloud providers

– Pay-as-you-go pricing

– Seamless replication across Clouds

– Enterprise-grade SAN, NAS and Object Storage

– Dedicated, private resources, everywhere

The Cloud Experience

On-premise Zadara Logo Tactile

– Enterprise-grade SAN, NAS and object storage by the hour

– Large volumes and clustering capabilities

– Rich data management services

 – Dedicated, private resources for predictable performance

 – At-rest and in-flight data encryption

 – User managed keys

 – Seamless multi-cloud portability