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Who Are Tactile Technology?

Since 2004, Tactile Technology have been a dynamic yet disruptive IT company located in the busy town of Solihull. With a wide range of experience in the IT Infrastructure and associated services sector, Tactile have gradually built up their business up over the past 13 years. Having specialised in many areas of the broad IT spectrum, they now sit at the forefront of the industry, dealing with mission critical systems for SMBs and large enterprise organisations.

Tactile’s booming success over recent years has led to multiple expansions and office moves to accommodate their talented new staff. With continued sustainable growth, Tactile are on the verge of completing another successful year and they’re expanding out their reach further and wider across both the UK and US to take a bigger share of the IT market.

Tactile have a no-nonsense approach to business and really do set themselves out as a disrupter in the standard technology provider/re-seller/vendor market place. With customer focus at the forefront of what they do their success is clearly obtained through delivering on their promises.

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The Five Pillars of Tactile

Five Pillars of Tactile


The word speaks for itself. From the first point of contact down to the continued service that we offer our customers, all of us at Tactile are honest about everything we say and do. We won’t make a promise that we can’t deliver on so if we say we will do something… we WILL do it. Honesty 100% of the time.


Without innovation our organisation wouldn’t exist. Everything we do here is innovative, from choosing and sourcing the most innovative partners in the world, to the way we deliver our services and to tailoring our solutions & services to work for our end users. Tactile lives and breathes innovation because without it we’d be just like everyone else.


With over 55 years experience spanning across many different fields of IT, at Tactile we share and best utilise our experience to benefit our customers and to help train our first rate employees. We are constantly building on our experience and that means only one thing… A greater benefit all round!


Our in-house skills really do separate us from our competitors. We employ people with exceptional skills and experience who possess the potential to deliver the high standards that both our company and industry demand. We train and develop our team’s skills in house and won’t stop until we’ve taken over the IT world!


Integrity can’t be underestimated in any walk of life, especially in the business world. We pride ourselves on our integrity which is shown through the successes that we’ve achieved by working with our fantastic customers around the globe. With exceptionally high customer approval and retention ratios we have something to be proud of but we won’t stop there. Don’t take our word for it, simply ask one of our customers!

Who benefits from the Five Pillars of Tactile?