Tactile Protect is here! – Seamless Data Protection That Drives Your Business Forward!


Protecting your organisation from an IT disaster can be a time consuming, costly and difficult task. We all know that there are a variety of ways to do it from using equipment that’s delivered after the disaster which need to be rebuilt with the latest tape backups, to a fully duplicated solution with automated fail over and roll back.


Many organisations have solutions at either end of this spectrum and as a result have high costs and resource requirements to match. Most people see the need for the protection, but in many cases struggle to deliver it effectively and within the cost constraints of their organisation.

Tactile Protect is a ‘Managed Data Protection as-a-service’ offering (DPaaS) encompassing; Back Up, Recovery, Archival and Disaster Recovery.

Tactile Protect requires no additional hardware; it works with VMware or Hyper-V environments and it is storage agnostic, providing an RPO (Restore Point Objective) of 60 seconds and a realistic RTO (Restore Time Objective) of a few minutes. Dependant on your needs, to fit the ever-changing industry Tactile Protect can be delivered in any of three models:

  • Onsite – Both the primary and the secondary site being your own and the solution delivered to protect the primary site via the secondary using Tactile Protect as a service.
  • Cloud – The primary site being your own and the secondary DR site is provided by Tactile Technology using Virtual Private Cloud environments.
  • Private Cloud – The primary site is your own and the secondary DR site is provided and hosted on dedicated private cloud infrastructure by Tactile Technology.
    Tactile Protect can scale from one virtual machine to thousands, with protection, testing, invocation and roll back automation requiring little or no resources to process the state changes.

A few reasons to pursue Tactile Protect, imagine:

 – Imagine having the piece of mind that back ups will happen in full and on time without any manual effort required on your part…

 – Imagine having the ability to Instantly Recover your Virtual Machines so that your business sustains no losses from downtime…

 – Imagine never having to waste your time again completing menial management tasks for a complex back up solution that requires additional hardware components to operate…

With Tactile Protect these scenarios become a reality along with many more business benefits, all in typically 40% of the TCO (of a legacy back up solution), not to mention the time saving aspect on yourself and your fellow employees.

Want to find out how Tactile Protect could seamlessly work in your business?

Join us and other forward thinking IT professionals for an overview in January! Just get in touch and you’re taking your first step forward instead of backing up!