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Tactile Guarantee

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At Tactile Technology, we take our actions very seriously because we fully understand what we are being trusted with – Our customers most critical IT systems located at the heart of their organisation. We understand that for any IT team, to trust an external party with such hardware/software deployments takes some serious proving and planning as neither party can afford for anything to go wrong. Most need a guarantee or assurance in order to achieve the level of initial trust required to go into business together.

To make things easier for our customers we’ve put together a guarantee on what we perceive to be the most sought after requirements within the modern IT environment thus forming our ‘Tactile Guarantee’. Simply operate the slider below to learn more about each component.

  • Simplicity

  • Reliability

  • Performance

  • Agility

  • Consistency

In an ever-changing world, any organisation's needs can change unexpectedly which presents a problem for IT teams. These corporate demands have led to the addition of multiple hardware/software vendors over time, which may have made things a bit better from a functionality perspective but they will have been costly and complex to implement, manage and operate. Imagine it's your first day on the job as a member of the IT team, given the option, would you want to have to get your head around 9-10 different user interfaces? We certainly wouldn’t… From the solutions and services we provide, down to the way that we deliver, bill and implement them. We at Tactile are all about keeping it simple to operate and manage.
Being reliable is worth its weight in gold… literally. If core IT systems go down, a detrimental impact will be felt by your organisation from a financial, time, & resource perspective let alone the loss of future custom and tarnished reputation. We know just how vital it is for these consequences to never be invoked and so by sourcing the best of breed systems that aren’t at the top of the price bracket, Tactile guarantees reliability in all areas.
For the hard-working IT teams, high performance is always demanded yet sometimes with legacy systems and archaic architecture it is simply not viable. By adopting modern approaches with built in failover capabilities, performance is guaranteed through Tactile’s services and infrastructure solutions. Not only that, we can guarantee our own high performance from the start of our sales cycle to our ongoing support and customer care. Not convinced? Ask any of our emphatic customers!
Again, touching on the fact that we live in an ever changing-world, business agility should be of paramount concern because the need to stay competitive and at the forefront of your industry couldn’t be greater. If of your in-house skills are tied up in a select number of employees, what happens if they move elsewhere? How will your critical systems remain optimal and running at capacity? At Tactile, we focus on designing our solutions and services around customer agility and we can implement high performing, agile systems that are perfect for the IT generalist who does not hold a PhD in specific areas. Better than this, our systems are initially implemented as either an aid to the current environment or as a ‘forklift’ upgrade to cater for a specific project, however, they often end up serving multiple other purposes too! Why you may ask? The answer is simply because they can! New ideas are brought to life through our systems and support allowing you to drive your organisation forward!
We are not only proud and privileged to deliver the most innovative systems with some of the greatest performance in the market, but also how these results are achieved 100% of the time. Our systems based on the nature of their use, categorically need to be up and running 100% of the time. At Tactile our approach to business both pre-and post-sale is consistent too so you will always know what you are getting and we always know what’s expected of us.

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