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Why Did We Create Tactile Compute?

We live in an evolving world that’s starting to see subscription services as the ‘norm’. Simply look at the way mobile phones and most new cars are purchased these days. The IT industry (in this case ‘Compute’) is no exception to the world’s trends, for the first time we can see that subscription services are starting to take over the traditional ‘CAPEX refresh cycle’.

This has been a huge leap for the likes of CTOs and IT Directors as they need to make decisions about what they need ‘right now’ yet also be able to calculate and facilitate their organisations future growth as simply and cost effective as possible. After looking at the industry and analysing the world’s trends, we decided to create Tactile Compute in order to solve these types of issue for the compute space of the IT stack because the truth is we only know what we need today not what’s required in 36 months time… So why pay for something you may not need?

What Is Tactile Compute?

Tactile Compute offers something different, that is the ability to always have what you need and to never be lumbered again with expensive resources that aren’t currently required yet were procured as part of a ‘refresh cycle’ to facilitate potential future growth.

We can deliver the service in two ways, either as a fully managed service which is perfect for organisations with limited resources/IT skills; or as Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ for those organisations who do have these assets. We can implement Tactile Compute in two ways:

  • Onsite – Using traditional compute platforms such as HP/Dell servers or HCI infrastructure as either; Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or as a fully managed service.
  • Cloud – Using traditional infrastructure as a private cloud or through AWS/Azure alongside any of the above.

What Tactile Compute Does

“Tactile Compute provides a subscription model with a ‘just in time’ approach to capacity, meaning as you start to run out of compute capacity a notification will prompt you to increase your compute capacity and prevent the unfortunate consequences that are usually invoked. Our solution allows you to elastically expand/contract this capacity so if you require a ‘boost’ for a specific project lasting only a few months, you can facilitate this need without having a hefty CAPEX payment”.

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