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What Is Tactile Assist?

Tactile Assist is our own version of the industry standard helpdesk/remote support service that is offered by many. With our ‘Five Pillars of Tactile’ and ‘Tactile Guarantee’ at the epicentre, we are proud to deliver Tactile Assist. Our team will solve any issue that our customers may be presented with, even in the rare scenario where we aren’t familiar with the software/hardware that you are operating as we will take this as an opportunity to learn and develop our skills further.

Whether you’re an IT team member yourself and you need some back end support; or you’re an ‘IT generalist’ who only operates Microsoft office, we will endeavour to answer your questions and fix any issues that may arise. If you or your team need some training or physical datacenter support we can be out on your site at anytime and work with you to achieve our mutual goal – fully operational IT infrastructure.

Why Tactile Assist?

“Our expert team pride themselves on their results and quick ticket resolution time. With a built in ‘feedback survey’ we regularly assess how we’ve performed and we’re always looking to improve. With near perfect results, competitive rates, and 24/7 by 365 cover surely there is no other way than the Tactile way”.

Why Did We Create Tactile Assist?

The world we live in changes at an alarming rate. New skills and methods need to be obtained/learnt by all of us to assist our chances of staying ahead of our competition and at the top of our working careers. At Tactile, we understand that IT has become a fundamental element of any organisation and to put it simply… without fully operational IT, organisations struggle.

If your organisation is looking into there current IT support and would like more information on Tactile Assist, please contact us below.

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