The cloud native storage and data management platform that enterprises trust to manage data in containers.

Kubernetes is the fastest growing open-source project in history but Kubernetes was not designed with stateful applications like databases in mind. For enterprise applications, these systems have non-negotiable business requirements like high availability, data security, disaster recovery, strict performance SLAs and hybrid/multi-cloud operations. As a result, the adoption of Kubernetes for mission critical enterprise applications is limited unless these requirements can be met. That’s where Portworx Enterprise comes in.


The foundation of Portworx Enterprise.

Built from the ground up for containers, PX-Store provides cloud native storage for applications running in the cloud, on-prem and in hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

Enterprise storage at the speed of Kubernetes

PX-Store provides the reliability, performance and data protection you’d expect from an enterprise storage company, but delivered as a container, and managed 100% via Kubernetes and other leading container platforms.

Turn any cloud or on-prem hardware into enterprise class storage

PX-Store takes your underlying hardware, even an existing SAN or NAS, and turns it into a cluster-wide storage pool for all your applications.

Built in HA, failover in seconds

PX-Store provides built in HA for all stateful applications and allows failed pods to recover in seconds.


With encryption and access controls, you can move securely at the speed of Kubernetes.

Your business cannot compromise on security in order to achieve agility. With PX-Security, it doesn’t have to.

Data security for Kubernetes

Your data is the lifeblood of your business and your applications. Keep it secure with data security tooling built with Kubernetes in mind.

Bring-your-own-key encryption

PX-Security enables encryption of all your Kubernetes data at the volume, storage class or cluster level. And only you have access to the keys.

Access controls integrated with your corporate auth system

You can define authentication, authorization and ownership of your data volumes in Kubernetes through direct integration with your corporate auth system like Active Directory or LDAP.


Protect your mission critical data.

PX-DR extends the data protection included in PX-Store with Zero RPO Disaster Recovery for data centers in a metropolitan area as well as continuous backups across the WAN for an even greater level of protection.


PX-DR offers RPO-zero failover across data centers in a metropolitan area in addition to HA within a single data center. Examples include, but are not limited to, Azure US East to AWS US East; Azure Germany Central to AWS Europe Frankfurt; Google Cloud asia-east2 to Azure East Asia; any AWS data center to Direct Connected Colo facility.

Continuous backup across the globe

For DR needs that span a country or globe, PX-DR offers continuous incremental-backups so that you can keep an up-to-date backup of your mission critical apps staged in case disaster strikes.

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Your centralized monitoring, metrics and data management interface for Portworx Enterprise.

PX-Central in the control center of your Portworx Enterprise platform. Use it to keep a unified view of all your stateful applications running on Kubernetes.

Your data, visualised

A picture is worth 1000 words. PX-Central gives you a centralized view of all your data rich applications running on Kubernetes. Even if they are running across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers.

Built in monitoring and metrics

PX-Central comes with built-in Prometheus monitoring and a Grafana dashboard to visualize your most important metrics like CPU, Memory, I/O and disk utilization.


Gives you control over your Kubernetes data no matter where it lives.

Move apps & data between clusters or clouds

Portworx enables you to migrate entire applications, including data, between clusters in a single data center or cloud, or between clouds, with a single kubectl command. Upgrades and migrations of stateful apps are now much simpler.

Backup to cloud

With PX-Data Management, you can backup your data to any cloud with a single command. Snapshots are never converted into a proprietary format so you always remain in control of your data.

App-consistent, not just crash consistent

You can’t backup a typical Kubernetes app with a single snapshot because it is composed of multiple stateful pods. PX-Data Management makes taking multi-pod application-consistent snapshots easy.

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