Storage as a Service

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Storage as a Service

Zadara Storage draws together the best of enterprise-class block, file and object data storage along with an agile, Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) business model to provide a purely world class storage offering. Zadara Storage customers utilise a unified to public cloud providers, on-premises deployments, and hybrid cloud configurations to get the best of all available ‘worlds’.

As we all know, traditional ‘legacy’ storage management is a never ending cycle of migration and refresh cycles, every few months/years. Zadara Storage provides a renewable, pure-OpEx Storage-as-a-Service solution to both on-premises and public/hybrid cloud users. Radar’s solution relieves your storage admins and IT teams of ongoing maintenance by delivering 24/7 proactive IT support, ongoing system monitoring and seamless upgrades for your infrastructure that’s supported by a 100% uptime SLA.


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– Unified SAN, NAS and Object storage with SSD caching and online tiering

– Pay-as-you-go pricing

– Built to scale in any direction

– 100% SLA with proactive support and upgrades

– Seamless portability to the cloud (for DR and backup)

– End disruptive refresh cycles

Hybrid Cloud

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– A single solution, anywhere

– Leverage an ecosystem of Cloud providers

– Pay-as-you-go pricing

– Seamless replication across Clouds

– Enterprise-grade SAN, NAS and Object Storage

– Dedicated, private resources, everywhere

Public Cloud

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– Enterprise-grade SAN, NAS and object storage by the hour

– Large volumes and clustering capabilities

– Rich data management services

 – At-rest and in-flight data encryption

 – User managed keys

 – Seamless multi-cloud portability

Fully Agile, Flexible, and Renewing

With software-defined-storage, you make changes to your storage environment in minutes not hours/days. Elastically scale up or down in capacity and seamlessly replicate from any of your data centres to the cloud and eliminate painful migrations.

More than a Service

Zadara Storage as-a-Service relieves your IT team of the burden associated with ongoing maintenance through delivering 24/7 proactive support, ongoing system monitoring, and seamless upgrades supported by a 100% uptime SLA.

Enterprise-grade Performance and Security

Zadara Storage provides the enterprise-class features that you expect from traditional CapEx storage however, they deliver them in a unique fashion through a strong pay-as-you-go OpEx model.

VPSA Storage Array

Zadara Storage Enterprise Grade Tactile

Receive Enterprise-Class Storage, Provisioned in no time at all

Zadara’s VPSA® (Virtual-Private-Storage-Array) Storage Arrays provide you with every feature you have been accustomed to expect from a traditional legacy storage array. The difference with Zadara Storage is that it can be provisioned and altered at any time, as required. Offering multi-protocol support (iSER, FC-SCSI, iSCSI, CIFS and NFS), SSD cache, dual high-availability controllers and advanced data management features that include snapshots, remote replication, thin-provisioning, cloning, and online volume migration. Zadara Storage is truly aligned with your ever changing IT environment.

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Obtain Complete Control over your Storage Environment for Optimal Performance

Adjust your storage structure as you need to by using the VPSA’s GUI and REST APIs. Obtain the ability to adjust performance levels, the quantity and types of dedicated drives (SAS, SSD, and/or SATA), and the level of data protection (RAID 1, 10, 5, 6, 50, 60) at any time. Graphical performance logging allows you to oversee and optimise application performance in a simple and effortless manner.

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Deploying your Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA)

A VPSA can be utilised at any Zadara Storage Cloud – whether it is located within your own data centre or at one of their operated public storage clouds across the globe (include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more). The Zadara Storage solution incorporates the same technology across all service locations so that its users can seamlessly replicate from their data centre to the cloud and vice versa, all at a click of a mouse.

Why We Offer Zadara Storage

Without storage, IT as we know it would not exist. Storage is depended upon in the same way that an airplane requires air to fly. The storage industry has unfortunately evolved into a war zone which creates an arduous task for any decision maker when that inevitable three/five year CAPEX storage cycle makes a full revolution.

Most people don’t make bad business decisions and so at the point of purchase, most consumers will make the ‘right’ choice. We say the ‘right’ choice because it is only that for that exact moment in time. As we all know, the storage industry moves at light speed and new trends emerge every 6-12 months which makes it impossible to keep up. With PAYG storage all this changes…

Zadara Storage are the leaders and in our opinion the only vendor who can truly offer Storage-as-a-service (STaaS). Their OPEX model works agnostically for any data type; in any protocol and from any location.

What Zadara Storage Say

“Zadara Storage is more than a service — it’s a comprehensive, elastic enterprise storage-as-a-service solution that evolves with your business. The Zadara Storage Experience provides your storage when and where you need it with the ability to change your requirements on the fly”.

“For many organizations, maintaining in-house infrastructure and data management is crucial. With Zadara On-Premise as-a-Service (OPaaS) you can take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and pure OpEx benefits of the cloud with the security and control of your onsite location”.

“Zadara’s On-Premise Private Cloud evolves enterprise storage from traditional, rigid, purchased or leased hardware, software, and services into a pay-as-you-go, fully managed, on-site service with predictable, pure operating expenses. It eliminates the need to invest capital into enterprise storage infrastructure and delivers cloud-scale capacity and performance with enterprise SAN and NAS functionality at ever-declining, subscription-based pricing”.

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