CAPEX is on the run and STaaS is leading the chase

CAPEX is starting to fade and methods like STaaS are taking a bigger share of the CAPEX market every year. It’s fair to say that the world we live in constantly changes… Think back to ten, twenty, or thirty years ago and today’s world would have been a fictional dream. One of the biggest changes that has occurred was the arrival of subscription services. Think about it: mobile phones, most new cars, our homes, our online media entertainment, our insurance policies etc have all adopted ‘pay monthly models’ in order to keep up with the growing consumer demands. Its easy to see why consumers are demanding services rather than solutions. Now in 2017, this trend is starting to gain momentum with the Data storage and IT Infrastructure space.

An example that all of us will remember is the high street chain ‘Blockbuster’ … How many of us remember walking in there at 18:00 on a Friday night to browse the endless aisles of DVDs before choosing a designated snack and taking out a two-three day loan or permanent purchase? My guess will be most of you! The point here is that as soon as subscription companies such as Netflix or Amazon Prime came around, Blockbuster couldn’t compete and thus are no longer with us. No company or industry is exempt from the general shift and so we at Tactile are preparing our customers for this shift by offering a mix of Capex and Opex solutions including Storage as a Service (STaaS).

blockbuster-closing-041210-webjpg-7775ba2fdd8fda15 *Blockbuser store in closing down period. Image can be found here.

These subscription services provide many benefits and resolve most issues with outdated approaches. So let’s talk data storage. A standard legacy approach starts with the CAPEX purchase of storage infrastructure. This infrastructure usually lasts three-five years before a replacement is due. So, decision makers opt for a large amount to cater for future needs. The issue here, no one truly knows what they will need next week, let alone in three-five years time. Decision makers purchase storage solutions that are far too large for their current needs resulting in an unnecessary financial hit upfront. Another reason why this is an issue, the technology that is purchased ‘today’ may be the best on the market and packed with new features/functionality but as our old friend hindsight would tell us, in six-twelve months time the technology in question will be old news.

So fast forward a little, say you implement a system and sweat it for the best part of five years. Your organisation goes through changes and corporate pressures dictate that you can’t purchase any new technology for another twelve months… What happens? Your provider puts a hefty % increase on your support bill leaving you trapped at ransom. To combat these issues, Storage as a Service (STaaS) caters for the growing consumer demand in the Data Storage space.

STaaS vs CAPEX *Typical representation of Capex vs Opex over an 11 year period with an increase in capacity every 5 years.


Zadara Storage + Tactile STaaS

Tactile Technology Are Now Offering STaaS

Tactile Technology are proud to partner with Zadara Storage to offer Storage as a Service (STaaS) to our customers. We’ve chosen Zadara Storage because they simply are the best at what they do.

Offering fully agnostic Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-premise and co-located services we have you covered for storage. What’s better than that is you only pay for what you use and when you use it (hourly basis). This allows you to elastically scale your storage based on your CURRENT needs whilst drastically reducing your storage TCO. You can learn more about how Zadara Storage fixes the issues with the legacy approach on our website here. If you want to say goodbye to ‘vendor lockin’ and be free/flexible with your data storage, get in touch today.

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