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Smart Storage



World’s first unified primary and secondary storage platform with built-in disaster recovery and copy data management capabilities.

Optimised use of flash: Automatically stores only the most active, deduped and compressed blocks. Always-on, in-line, and in-memory with global dedupe and compression Automatically keep each data block on the optimal class of storage.

Reduce Data Centre Footprint and improve latency

Enable all your applications to benefit from flash storage.

Accelerate your digital initiatives!

Deploy in less than 20 minutes.

  • Collapse IT Silos with built in data management
  • Make your IT more productive with increased performance what would be days is now minutes and seconds.
  • Simplify management and administration, eliminate support calls with proactive cloud based monitoring.
  • Be ready for hybrid cloud, with built in integration with cloud services and object stores, protect data between on premise and cloud platforms, not just for VMs, protect and mobilise workloads to and from cloud platforms.

Use Cases for Reduxio

Reduxio for Virtualised Infrastructure

Get the best performance available for your virtualized infrastructure without compromising your budget.
Instantly recover VMs and the entire VM stores back to any second.

  • Flash performance at disk-level cost
  • World-class data reduction with absolutely no performance sacrifice
  • Instantly recover datastores and VMs back to any second

Flash is used in the most financially sound way – as a real tier, and just for the blocks that need its performance.

Reduxio for Databases

Forget about cumbersome snapshot scheduling and consistency group configurations. Snapshots are obsolete. Never lose more than 1 second of transaction ever again.

Instantly recover and clone databases from any second in the past without snapshots or consistency group configurations.

  • A unique capability to instantly recover databases to any second in the past
  • Affordable flash-based low latency performance
  • Substantial capacity savings for databases

Reduxio for DevOps

No more clone dependencies!

Storage has tremendous implication over IT operations, Reduxio allows you to:

  • Store data once and leverage it across the entire development cycle
  • Eliminate the need to create and maintain copies or perform costly clone splits.
  • Substantial capacity savings for databases

Why We Offer Reduxio

Data storage is a fundamental component to any organisation’s IT stack and in today’s world, thanks to innovation, there are hundreds of different ways it can be done. One of the latest yet successful additions is what’s known as  ‘Smart Storage’. 

With many integrated benefits, both hybrid and all flash product lines, and hundreds of successful global deployments… It’s easy to see why Reduxio’s Smart Storage is taking the data storage world by storm. The value of Reduxio was easily seen by us and so we started working together. We are now implementing Reduxio into many of our customers IT environments and will continue to do so until storage fires are a thing of the past!

What Reduxio Say

Our aim was to design the most efficient architecture to manage data. For this, we invented TimeOS – a storage operating system that tracks every IO with rich metadata. This completely changed the way users manage, access, protect and move data.“.

“The phenomenal growth in our customer base has required us to provision more and more environments and the current systems could just not keep up in delivering the low latency we needed. When we evaluated the Reduxio HX550 we knew we had found the solution to our storage challenges.”

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