No Servers, No Clusters, Just Containers.

Spotinst Ocean is a Serverless Engine for Kubernetes that takes away the pains of managing worker nodes in a cluster. With Spotinst Ocean, you can forget about mixing and matching instance types and trying to figure out when and how to scale a cluster, it automatically ensures your cluster is running on the best possible mix of Spot, RIs, and On-Demand instances – Optimizing your clusters for both cost and performance.

As you deploy Pods to Kubernetes, Ocean learns what resources the Containers need and how long they run. Ocean then uses this information to densely pack Pods, to ensure fast and cost-effective sequences. By combining Pods awareness with price prediction, Ocean interacts with the Kubernetes Scheduler to place Pods where they won’t be interrupted.


Pod Driven Autoscaling

Your VMs size is determined by your Pods & Deployments parameters. Ocean re-schedules Pods to optimize your cluster for performance and costs.

Heterogeneous Instance Groups

Ocean utilizes multiple Instance Types from different Instance families and sizes to increase the cluster’s performance and efficiency (including GPU & FPGA support).

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Cut Costs by up to 90%

Ocean reliably utilizes Spot Instances based on Machine Learning models to predict Spot Instances interruption to maintain high-availability.

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