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Software Defined Wide Area Networking

Upon inception in 2012, Viptela’s belief has been to streamline how enterprises interconnect their sites–the process, tools, and infrastructure–through passion and innovation. Their Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology has allowed global companies to build carrier agnostic, policy-controlled and cost-effective WANs. Viptela cuts existing operating costs in the WAN by more than 50%, increases bandwidth 10x, and significantly improves security and uptime.

Viptela SDWAN Cloud control networks Tactile

Control Cloud Networks

vSmart Cloud-based SDN-WAN Controller is the brain of the Viptela solution and centrally manages routing, policy, security, segmentation, and authentication of all devices on the overlay network.

vManage Network Management System (NMS) enables centralized configuration and management of the Viptela Secure Extensible Network solution and provides a real-time dashboard on the health of the network.

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Data Components

vEdge Routers sit at the perimeter of a site (such as remote offices, branches, campuses, data centers) and provide highly secure data connectivity over any transport.

Building a Secure Extensible Network with Viptela

Viptela SDWAN SEN Tactile

Five Steps to Virtualising and Securing the WAN

Viptela SDWAN transport independence Tactile

SD-WAN Technology
Step 1

Enable transport independence

Viptela SDWAN secure endpoints Tactile
SD-WAN Technology
Step 2

Automatically secure the routed end-points
Viptela SDWAN segmentation Tactile

SD-WAN Technology
Step 3

Provide network-wide segmentation

Viptela SDWAN logic Tactile
SD-WAN Technology
Step 4

Centrally enforce business logic
Viptela SDWAN network services Tactile

SD-WAN Technology
Step 5

Enable insertion of network services

Benefits of Viptela

Viptela SDWAN business driven connectivity Tactile

Business Driven Connectivity

– Single hybrid WAN over private (MPLS) and public (Broadband, 4G/LTE) networks

– End-to-end network segmentation (PCI/HIPAA Compliance, Guest WiFI offload, Business Partner)

– Flexible Topologies (hub and spoke, full mesh)

– Different policies and exits based on application requirements (efficient cloud performance)

Viptela SDWAN encrypt with ease Tactile

Encrypt Everything with Ease

– Full-mesh encryption at routing scale (control, data and management planes are encrypted)

– No PKI infrastructure for the hybrid WAN

– Automatic network hardening

Viptela SDWAN App-aware routing Tactile

App Aware Routing on the Hybrid WAN

– App Visibility / Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

– Dynamic WAN path control based on SLA (loss, latency, jitter, and MTU)

– Policy enforcement based on applications (eg: Voice SLA)

Viptela SDWAN enforce business logic Tactile

Centralised Enforcement
of Business Logic

– Access control and QoS across the hybrid WAN

– Service insertion/chaining (right size your network appliance)

– Traffic engineering

Viptela SDWAN Simplified Ops Tactile

Simplified Ops

– Centralised provisioning/templates

– Centralised software upgrades on the hybrid WAN

– Ease of trouble shooting

Viptela SDWAN zero touch bring up Tactile

Zero Touch Bringup

– Fully authenticated, fully automated, fully authorised

– From shrink-wrap to site bringup in seconds on Hybrid WAN elements


Use Cases

Viptela SDWAN Business Partner Network Tactile

Business Partner Network

Enterprises are looking for a reliable manner to onboard partners and securely partition them from the rest of the network, thus protecting sensitive resources and isolating any breaches. SD-WAN technology with features such as segmentation, centralised policies and automated certificate management meet these requirements.

Viptela SDWAN End to end network segmentation Tactile

End-to-end Network Segmentation

Segmentation and secure isolation of traffic in an enterprise are important for mitigation against attacks and protecting sensitive data. Segmentation also enables multiple logical topologies with different characteristics. No practical options are available to extend VLANs over the Wide Area Network. Now, SD-WAN seamlessly enables this.

Viptela SDWAN Transport Agnostic VPN Tactile

Transport Agnostic VPN

MPLS Layer 3 VPNs were designed when the majority of branch-office traffic flowed within an enterprise’s intranet boundary. However, new applications and cloud service models are shifting traffic patterns. Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology enables enterprises to build a centrally managed, unified WAN over a MPLS, Broadband and 4G/LTE.

Secure Extensible Network

Fully integrated routing, security, segmentation and policy (patent pending).

Viptela Secure-Extensible-Network Tactile

Why We Offer Viptela

Traditional networking infrastructure was deployed when the security perimeter was well defined, most applications were low bandwidth, and most content/applications resided in corporate data centres. Today, enterprises have very different requirements. High-bandwidth, real-time, and big-data applications are pushing capacity limits of the network.

In some cases, the majority of traffic is destined for the Internet or public cloud when the security perimeter is fast disappearing due to BYOD, Cloud, and a dynamic B2B partner ecosystem. The downside risks of status quo are significant and technological innovation has failed to comprehensively address the problem. Viptela enables enterprises to build a Secure Extensible Network (SEN) that is designed to overcome the critical networking and security challenges and elegantly address the emerging requirements.


What Viptela Say

“The Viptela Secure Extensible Network (SEN) solution is an industry-leading to build large-scale WANs with complete integration of routing, security, centralized policy, and orchestration. Using SD-WAN based principles, enterprises build a network that is cost-effective, operationally easy to manage and eliminates disconnects between business and IT”.

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