Protection across your new hybrid environment 

Organisations are looking to create hybrid environments which comprise of their own data centre or co-location facility and one or more cloud service. The reasoning is to provide a more cost effective, but also agile environment where capacity can be increased or reduced at any point in time to meet the varying needs of the business.

What organisation need for this type of environment is a consistent and robust method of data protection which can protect and provide both recovery and DR across all platforms. It also needs to be simple to implement, manage and invoke.

With Rubrik for larger environments (200 VMs and above) or Tactile Protect (5 to 199 VMs) this can be achieved with all protected and the ability to use AWS as a target for DR from your in-house VMware environment, along side long term secure archiving.

If you would like to know more just fill the form on the cloud data management or Tactile Protect pages and we can explain and demonstrate how this works.