Our Process

Tactile Careers

Initial Contact

At Tactile Technology, we pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach and process to business and we don’t look to waste anyone’s time which is why during our initial contact, we clarify whether we should align our paths going forward. Yes, we do still pick up the phones and send out emails so if you haven’t heard from us yet then you might do very soon!

First Meeting

Now that we’ve established potential for us to make a positive impact on your organisation, we either visit you for a F2F meeting or online via a webinar session. After listening and understanding what our client needs, we will evaluate their current situation and align it with the end user’s strategy/plan. If it makes sense to continue here, we will introduce any of our many excellent services or technologies.

Second Meeting

After giving the client some time to digest and comprehend the implications of what we’ve proposed, we re-engage to get the ball rolling so that we can implement the proposed benefits for our new clients as soon as possible.

Proof Of Concept

Once the decision makers have aligned their thoughts; or if they need a little more convincing, we offer a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) to prove our projections and to keep our promises (maintaining our honest approach). We set out some clear objectives for the POC and then sit back whilst our solutions do the work for us!

Decision Time

Once the solution is set up and working, by the end of the POC our clients often become our valued customers because they simply don’t want to return our solution and go back to their ‘old archaic legacy ways’. If more technology is required, we provide it as quickly as possible and agree on a plan to work with our new customer in the future so that they can optimise their latest investment.

Post Sale

As one of our valued customers, we work closely with you to get your team fully self-sufficient on our systems and then when you’re ready we simply leave you to it! Of course, we are always a phone call away and always happy to help (should you need it).


We make scheduled checks throughout the year to hear how our customers are getting on with their business changing solutions. We often ask for a reference or case study here so we can build more confidence in our brand and expand our reach further and further! On top of this, we keep our customers up to date with the latest product announcements and software updates to keep adding value to them and help maximise their initial investment.

Tech Champions

Here are some of our ‘Tech Champions’ who’ve worked with us to reach the end of the process and receive the full Tactile Experience!

Could your organisation join the elite too? Get in touch and find out!