The Industry’s First Managed Kubernetes Service on VMware

  • Fully Managed, 24x7x365 SLA

  • Production ready

  • Easy to use

Modernise your existing VMware environment with an enterprise-grade Kubernetes service that delivers zero-touch upgrades, multi-cluster operations, high availability, monitoring, RBAC, and much more.

Talent scarcity

Hiring and retaining in-demand Kubernetes operational expertise is very difficult.

Day-2 Operations are complex

Kubernetes is notoriously difficult to deploy and operate at scale for Production, mission critical workloads.

VMware lacks native support for Kubernetes

VMware was not designed to run containerized workloads.

Lack of cost control and governance

This leads to resource sprawl with associated spiralling costs and compliance violations.


SaaS-managed, white-glove service

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is a fully-managed service that eliminates the operational complexity in delivering Kubernetes on VMware. Get a simple, self-service, Kubernetes experience with built-in enterprise-grade capabilities — all handled automatically, and backed by a 24x7x365 SLA.

  • No management overhead

  • Guaranteed High Availability

  • Zero-touch upgrades

  • Self-service deployment

  • Health monitoring and alerting

  • Autoscaling


Application catalog for pre-packaged Kubernetes apps

  • Increase developer agility with one-click Kubernetes apps deployment from the Platform9 app catalog

  • One click deployment of apps- no need for scripting or Kubernetes skills

  • Rich set of pre-built applications from the Kubernetes community

Bring your own VMware Infrastructure

Just plug in your existing infrastructure, and you’re good to go:

  • Works with any existing VMware configuration

  • Leverages existing VMware storage and networking capabilities, no need for NSX.

100% upstream open source Kubernetes

  • Benefit from the innovation in the Kubernetes open source community

  • Avoid lock-in

  • Ensure portability across environments

  • Ensure extensibility with related services and integrations

  • No forking


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