Infrastructure security in the modern day world

Organizations are always retaining data, from customers to employees the number of data that is kept by an organization is growing but are they keeping that data secure? Infrastructure security is becoming more of a talking point than ever before with big high street names been affected by a data breach, it does begin you to question, is your data safe?

What is Infrastructure security?

There are various components that combine the term infrastructure security, understanding the current environment and the infrastructure strategy is key to protecting the environment.

The term firewall is much like a real-life firewall protecting parts of the building from a spreading a fire. In an IT environment a firewall protects systems from the dangers of anyone getting into your systems, Firewalls form of hardware and software combined to protect any size environment. Anyone that is using a computer from office use to home use that is connected to the internet should have a firewall.

Packet – filtering firewalls are the most basic types of firewalls that operate the network layer of the OSI model. The packet filtering defines the data packets that are permitted to pass through the firewall based on criteria. These types of firewalls are usually built into routers and provide either a command – line or GUI for specifying rules. Proxy firewall is placed between the internet and the internal network of computers, internal client computers connect to the proxy server masking the internal IP address of the client.

Organizations that have been affected

From small organizations to the big enterprise organizations, data breaches affect everyone. In a report from the Guardian (10/08/2018) the latest to be affected by a cyber-attack was Butlins affecting up to 34,000 guest records. The incident has been reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The firm is contacting people who may have been affected to inform them and tell them what they should do.

Dixon’s Carphone has revealed that a data breach in June 2017 has affected almost 9 million more people than it first thought. On 13 June 2018, following a review of its systems security, the Carphone Warehouse and Currys PC World owner announced that it had found unauthorised access in the past to some of its data. After launching an investigation into the matter, which is now nearing completion, the retail giant has identified that approximately 10 million records containing personal data may have been accessed in 2017.

Security in cloud environments

The demand for cloud environments is growing, data security is becoming an increasing concern. One major concern is its susceptibility to third – party attacks. Cloud services automatically encrypt files before storing them this means that potential hackers need to crack the files encryption before getting into the information that is stored on there. Data encryption is very hard to crack due to the numbers, letters and special keys randomly generated. Cloud providers also use Encryption keys to protect files without this key the users cannot read the information stored on the files. Two factor authentications is used with encryption keys to make the data more secure this involves a password been sent to a mobile device which expires after a few seconds, hackers would need access to the mobile to get into the data.


Organizations are still prone to attacks even if they have the latest firewalls and the latest security platforms, this is due to not been aware of their infrastructure behind the firewall, protecting your environment from the inside is just as important as protecting the outside, if a hacker can get into your internal infrastructure they are free to move around between servers and access important parts of the organization. We are working with a security solution that provides micro-segmentation to isolate workloads from other workloads allowing you to ring fence your most important workloads away from the rest of the environment. With built in detection and response capabilities an organisation can flush out potential hackers in real time using multi – method detection to detect multiple threats.


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