Happy World Backup Day 2017!


It’s 31st March 2017 and that means something very important… It’s World Backup Day!

Every year this day is dedicated to the protection and safeguarding of our data and with recent events such as the explosion of ‘malware’ onto the web… There has never been such a need!



Businesses (including us) need to protect their data for multiple reasons such as the harsh penalties that are invoked when data goes missing. We at Tactile Technology pride ourselves on the services and solutions that we offer our customers and it makes sense to preach about Tactile Protect – Our DPaaS (Data Protection as a Service) offering that is powered by the innovative Rubrik technology.

Most people are still in the mindset of implementing backup software onto a (redundant) SAN but with Tactile Protect that archaic and expensive methodology becomes a thing of the past!

If you’re going to study just one ‘backup and recovery’ technology today, make sure its Tactile Protect.

Check out our animated short here: Tactile Tv – Tactile Protect