Real-Time Breach Detection Optimized
for the Modern Data Center

GuardiCore is specially designed for today’s software-defined and virtualized data centers and clouds, providing unparalleled visibility, active breach detection and real-time response. Its lightweight architecture scales easily to support the performance requirements of high traffic data center environments. A unique combination of threat deception, process-level visibility, semantics-based analysis and automated response engages, investigates and then thwarts confirmed attacks with pin-point accuracy.

Real-Time Detection

GuardiCore detects a wide range of threats targeting the data center, from insider threats and APTs to worms and malware. We cover all traffic inside the data center, including traffic within the same hypervisor.  And you can instantly identify real attacks without having to sift through the “noise”.

More Detailed Insights

With in-depth semantic analysis and full session recording, GuardiCore confirms authentic attacks, breaks down the attack method, identifies the attack footprint and finds all compromised servers, delivering easily consumable intelligence to help determine the right remediation measures.

Fast Response

GuardiCore allows for both automated and manual mitigation to stop active breaches in progress early in the kill chain. Automatic containment prevents breaches from spreading, while infected servers are quickly identified for quarantine and rapid remediation.


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