Guardicore Centra

Protecting Critical Applications in the public and private Cloud

Over the last decade, the modern data center has changed dramatically, raising a host of new security challenges. Aligned with the Gartner model of Adaptive Security Architecture, the Guardicore Centra Security Platform helps address this interior data center security challenge by providing a unique combination of process-level visibility, threat deception, semantic-based analysis and automated response:

  • Prevent breaches and lateral movements with greater visibility and micro-segmentation

  • Eliminate much of the complexity associated with micro segmentation

  • Define segmentation policies in minutes

  • Protect your entire infrastructure, cloud and on-premise



Reveal Application Flows Across the Infrastructure

Automatically discover applications and flows

Quickly understand application behavior

Granular visibility down to the process level



Segment with a Powerful Policy Engine

Define segmentation policies in minutes

Automatic policy recommendations

Consistent policy expression across any environment


Detection & Response

Detect Threats Faster and Simplify Response

Multiple detection methods cover all types of threats

Dynamic deception immediately traps attackers

High quality, in-context security incidents with mitigation recommendations to speed incident response

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