End User IT Analytics

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End User IT Analytics

Nexthink enables IT departments to discover complex patterns in “noisy” IT systems through the use of availability and performance data. The goal of Nexthink is to discover and make IT teams aware of things that matter most them, things that directly affect the end-user and their end-user services. This is done so that IT teams can be preemptive and proactive when trying to improve IT security and levels of end-user service.

Nexthink’s software technology maps all of the IT services, from how they are being consumed to how the IT infrastructure is operating all whilst focusing on the end-user perspective. What makes Nexthink unique is the continuous presentation of real-time endpoint activity and network connectivity.this is analysed in real-time visualisations that provide IT Teams with new visibility and insight into what their end-users are experiencing. Nexthink’s unique approach to real-time end-user IT analytics has resulted in them being named a Gartner Cool Vendor in ITOA for 2014. 

Search and drill-down in seconds – Search your entire IT infrastructure in plain English as if you were say Googling it.

See the network from all devices – Visualise thousands of network connections in just one single screen to identify meaningful patterns and spot exceptions.

Explore live and historical data – Navigate all events and issues encountered by any of your users, across all their devices, on a single easy to navigate timeline.

Analyse IT services from all users – Identify critical IT services that have current issues and understand the business impact for your users.

Build your own dashboards – Communicate with great looking dashboards that consolidate and compare live and historical data which can be easily customised to suit your desired needs.

Get alerted in real-time – Be immediately notified about anomalies within your network/environment and instantly drill-down for an informed response.

Incident & Problem Management

Don’t just react faster to incidents and problems, get proactive!

How much easier would it be for IT operations if every single end-user and endpoint told you precisely what was going right and wrong when you asked?

Nexthink End User IT Analytics experience Tactile

Self-discover, map and baseline all your IT services through analysing real activity form your environment and measure the business impact by each department and service.

Nexthink measurability Tactile

Visualise in a single timeline all your IT events, related progress and issues to act and communicate accordingly.

Nexthink proactivity Tactile

Understand commonalities of frequently crashing applications, long login times, locations with low network quality and more.

Nexthink accuracy Tactile

Enable your Helpdesk and support teams to determine in seconds if the endpoint, the network or the back-end is the probable cause.

Nexthink optimisation Tactile

Find places to improve such as underused hardware and software,
wasted print jobs, unnecessary PC renewals etc.

Change Management

The only thing you can count on is change.

Has some change ever negatively affected your end-users? You probably don’t even know because instead of calling the service desk they are too busy complaining to co-workers and business leaders.

Nexthink Cloud ready Tactile

Evaluate your readiness and continuously measure the impact of cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365.

Nexthink BYOD business sense Tactile

Report on user adoption of your BYOD program and adapt policies to changing work styles.

Nexthink determine success Tactile

Measure the effectiveness of major deployments and business transformations.

Nexthink Outsource Tactile

Get full transparency and verification so that you get the SLA you’re paying for.

Nexthink satisfaction Tactile

Benchmark, compare and verify capacity and end-user experience at runtime based on real activity from your environment. No more guesswork.

Why We Offer Nexthink

Today’s IT environments are so complex and they’re changing too fast. IT executives can’t rely on simple point-in-time snapshots of data for decision-making. They need a baseline of history, with meaningful analytics, for insight and understanding to make timely IT business decisions.

End-users, shadow IT, security teams, DevOps, help desk support, service desk workers, IT operations, contracted service providers, and public cloud / SaaS providers constantly introduce new software, updates, configuration and policy changes making it impossible for you to construct a complete and accurate understanding of your IT environment. Trying to work with anything but “continuous” end-user real-time data and analytics significantly impacts your ability to monitor service consumption and quality.

What Nexthink Have to Say

“Data analytics is your friend. End-user analytics provides IT with the insight to understand the past, optimize the present, and make strategic business decisions for the future. Understanding what your end-users are doing and how the IT services you are providing affect them has never been more important. Fortunately, the benefits of data analytics are not limited to business intelligence (BI) experts or data scientists”.

“Data analytics does not have to be difficult. As a pioneer in end-user ITOA (IT Operations Analytics) and a Gartner Cool Vendor, Nexthink offers a baseline service that will deliver turnkey IT analytics so you and those in your organisation can immediately start making better informed IT and IT security decisions”.

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