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Today’s DDoS attacks are more frequent, complex, and destructive than ever. They often result in loss of revenue, loss of customers, damage to brand, reduced availability of services, and theft of vital data. The NSFOCUS ADS provides comprehensive, multi-layered protection from today’s advanced DDoS threats. The ADS includes technology powered by internationally-recognised research labs and developed with over 10 years of experience protecting the world’s largest banks, telecommunications, gaming, and social media companies. It uses an innovative, multi-stage approach to monitor, detect, and mitigate the most complex DDoS attacks. This ensures only legitimate traffic reaches important network and application resources, protecting uptime and managing risks associated with DDoS.

Integrated cloud and on-premises DDoS solutions powered by global threat intelligence delivers complete protection from advanced DDoS attacks.

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Anti-DDoS System (On-Premise)

Their Anti-DDoS solution provides on-premises equipment, cloud-based detection and mitigation services, or a hybrid offering that combines the strengths of both approaches.


The ADS is the ideal solution for today’s advanced and evolving DDoS attacks. Available in a range of cost and performance optimised appliances, purpose-built to deliver high quality defence for organisations of any size.

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Features and Benefits

Comprehensive DDoS Attack Protection

NSFOCUS ADS not only defends against attacks on the transport layer, such as SYN Flood, SYN-ACK Flood, ACK Flood, FIN/RST Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood and IP Fragment Flood attacks, but it also defends against attacks targeting the application layer, such as HTTP GET/POST Flood, slow-rate, DNS, game service and audio/video attacks.

Lowest False Positive and Negative Rates

Unlike other DDoS products that only focus on fingerprint matching or heuristics to mitigate DDoS attacks, NSFOCUS ADS uses a multi-stage inspection and analysis process that combines anti-spoofing, protocol behaviour analysis, user behaviour analysis, specific application protection, dynamic fingerprint identification, bandwidth control and more to mitigate attacks. This comprehensive approach leads to the lowest rates of both false positives and negatives as compared to any other technology. Not only is it highly accurate, it is also highly efficient in mitigating attack traffic.

Flexible and Scalable Deployments

Available in a range of performance-optimised appliances, the ADS Series has been designed to meet the needs of any size organisation without modifying existing applications or purchasing additional hardware.


Cloud Portal

Visibility, control, reporting, and analytics are key to managing risk. NSFOCUS provides each customer with their own web-based portal giving them visibility of their attacks, metrics, attack data, and other key information. Most importantly, the portal provides real-time policy management and advanced configuration options; providing the tools you need to maintain a solid security perimeter. With multi-tenancy and role-driven user management options available out-of-the-box, organisations can maintain their global services through a single pane of glass.

  • View active attacks
  • View graphs for total & clean traffic
  • View previous attack history
  • Under attack panic button
  • Automated mitigation
  • Remotely Triggered Black Hole
  • Disable mitigation to an IP
  • Automatic customer alerts
  • Enforced password complexity
  • Account activity audit log
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Cloud DDoS Protection Tactile


– Leverages BGP diversion of affected IP addresses

– Provides on-demand and always-on protection

– Direct, partner and GRE tunnels

– No limits on number of mitigations

– Ideal for service providers and medium and large enterprises

Routed IP

– Dedicated IP addresses are allocated to organisations

– Routable IP addresses enables seamless application and system integrations

– Ideal for protecting public and private cloud infrastructures

– Suitable for small to large enterprises

Virtual IP

– Proxy-based solution for enterprises supporting reverse-proxy

– Delivers load balancing functionality for increased performance and resilience

– Protects multiple applications and protocol support

– Suitable for medium and small enterprises

Why We Offer NSFocus

Modern cyber criminals are sophisticated, creative and can draw on an increasing library of automated tools to easily vary their attack techniques to strike with a DDOS attack. Every single day, new threat actors, threat vectors and vulnerabilities are discovered from around the world, and the most effective security products use this information continually to improve their accuracy and performance.

NSFOCUS is at the forefront of threat research and analysis. Their global research team and threat intelligence centres combine real-world threat research, visualisation technology and a big data platform to correlate events, discover new vulnerabilities and develop effective counter-measures. Data from an extensive honey-pot network and millions of participating customers, representing all major industries, is drawn upon to identify new threats and exploits. Their threat intelligence spans the globe and includes threat activity from China which allows us to provide our customers with the most complete view of the evolving threat landscape possible.

What NSFocus Say

“Since 2000, NSFOCUS has upheld its commitment to provide the highest quality products at a good value to its customers. NSFOCUS is a world leader in network and application security technologies, and our products continuously outperform the competition in both performance and value”. 

“Our products are developed using the latest threat intelligence, and our technology powered by an internationally-recognised research lab with over 10 years of experience protecting the world’s largest banks, telecommunications, service providers, gaming and social media companies. Security professionals from around the world use our advanced products to provide defence-in-depth protection from modern network and application layer attacks”.

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