Cloud Data Management

Rubrik have built the world’s very first cloud data management platform. The Rubrik technology delivers complete data protection, analytics, search, compliance, and copy data management to hybrid cloud enterprises. They have done this so that any enterprise can democratise the public cloud and unlock the architecture to manage data at scale, anywhere at anytime.

Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform orchestrates your mission critical application data (both virtualised and physical) across all of your connected clouds whilst delivering data management functions in a single, run-anywhere platform. Being purpose built for the cloud generation, Rubrik eliminates the complexity of archaic legacy solutions through the adoption of an automated policy engine that manages your data throughout its lifecycle.



Unify your data in one single globally indexed namespace to deliver predictive search, analytics, replication, test/dev, and instant recovery.


Secure your data everywhere with encryption and role-based access while receiving/delivering automated compliance in one simple to use solution.


Backup and orchestrate your mission critical data with just a single declarative policy engine that sits in an API-first architecture.

Recover Only What You Need, When You Need It

Instantly recover your applications on Rubrik without additional storage provisioning. No rehydration of data is ever required. Quickly find and recover your files with a Google-like predictive search whether they’re stored on a physical Rubrik appliance or within a public or private cloud. Go beyond backup by transforming your replicas for application test and development needs so you don’t have ti impact your production environment.

Reliable Backup

Achieve ‘Peace Of Mind’ for as far as Data Protection goes. Automate the management of your SLAs with a single policy engine. Assign your data sources (both virtualised and physical) to user defined policies and then leave Rubrik to take care of the rest. Say goodbye to tedious job scheduling and application tracking once and for all (as long as you’ve got Rubrik).

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