Qumulo File Fabric

If you have a need to store billions of files both small and large there are limited options open to you, if you want to have these both onsite and in a cloud environment the list is smaller yet! With the advent of Qumulo File Fabric you can have high performance file storage with 4 […]

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Tactile Technology partner with Cloudian for large scale object storage

With our investment and work with Rubrik to deliver both Tactile Protect and managed service for SMEs to protect their infrastructure and working to deliver Rubrik infrastructure to enterprise organisations, it was a natural progression to take this to the next level with enterprise class object storage which can deliver large capacity data archives as […]

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Tactile Technology Sales Academy

On Monday the Sales Academy is launched with our initial 40 applications being interviewed to get to our first two candidates who will start on the 1st of September, with two further to start in October. The Academy will provide a full day of training each week alongside real world sales activity, developing the skills […]

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The new hybrid cloud environment

Many organisations are looking to build more efficient and cost effective environments, these will comprise of some local or co-lo infrastructure combined with public or private cloud infrastructure. The options are becoming greater but the issues arise when you try to pull it all together. How do you ensure is is simple to manage, secure […]

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Protection across your new hybrid environment 

Organisations are looking to create hybrid environments which comprise of their own data centre or co-location facility and one or more cloud service. The reasoning is to provide a more cost effective, but also agile environment where capacity can be increased or reduced at any point in time to meet the varying needs of the […]

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Servitization Programme – Aston Business School
Aston Business School Logo

We have officially embarked on a new journey to work with the Advanced Services Group at Aston Business School to take our current products and services to the next level. Stage one was completed yesterday which focused on our current situation and where we would like to be in the next two years. This was an […]

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A Fond Farewell for Colette

It’s a sad day here at Tactile Technology as an era has come to an end. For the past two and a half years Colette Powell has been at the heart of Team Tactile. She provided us with many crucial leads in her role as our Inside Sales Manager along with many many laughs in […]

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CAPEX is on the run and STaaS is leading the chase
Blockbuster Closing Down Image Tactile

CAPEX is starting to fade and methods like STaaS are taking a bigger share of the CAPEX market every year. It’s fair to say that the world we live in constantly changes… Think back to ten, twenty, or thirty years ago and today’s world would have been a fictional dream. One of the biggest changes […]

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Happy World Backup Day 2017!
Tactile Protect Handset Logo

HAPPY WORLD BACKUP DAY! It’s 31st March 2017 and that means something very important… It’s World Backup Day! Every year this day is dedicated to the protection and safeguarding of our data and with recent events such as the explosion of ‘malware’ onto the web… There has never been such a need!  

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Zadara Storage Week
Zadara Storage Logo Tactile Long

6TH MARCH – 10TH MARCH An End to the ‘CAPEX Storage Cycle’ Today, there are hundreds of ways to store and ‘best utilise’ your data. However, there comes a time every three to five years where these enterprise storage appliances need to be re-evaluated

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